Terra Viridis Nursery

Hibanobambusa tranquillans 'Shiroshima'

Terra Viridis Nursery
Carol Morse and Bob Johannessen
El Sobrante, CA
(510) 222-9438

email: TerraV@comcast.net

Terra Viridis home page: http://www.tvnursery.com/

Open by Appointment Only


To provide high quality plants to gardeners.


Terra Viridis is a plant nursery started by Carol Morse and Bob Johannessen in 1991. Two of our passions are bamboos and ferns, and neither has flowers in the normal sense. So, what the gardener sees in our nursery is mostly green. Hence we chose Terra Viridis for our name, Latin for Green Earth.


We sell bamboos, ferns, herbs, flowers, and vegetables from our backyard nursery. Carol does some photography and also draws bamboos with pastels and then makes greeting cards from their images. Carol also, seasonally, makes fragrant potpourri pillows, dried flower arrangements and evergreen swags. Our prices are wholesale, meaning that sales taxes that retail customers pay are included in the prices shown on the price sheet. Since our nursery is our back yard, we are open by appointment only.


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